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You are working at an Urgent Care Center in Kairos, LA, USA. The on-duty physician asks your opinion regarding the interpretation of the tracing below of this 45 yo female with chest pain...... (choose the best answer, then click on "submit answer").
Tracing of the Week (Tracing #234)
A.....LVH with ST-T changes (strain)
B.....Definite Acute Septal MI (STEMI)( as manifested by ST elevation and significant Q-waves in Leads V1,V2 )
C.....ST-T changes in Leads V4,V5,V6 secondary to LVH (strain). However, cannot rule out ST-T changes of reciprocity or ischemia or non-ST Elevation MI.[must correlate clinically and compare with old tracing]
D.....Probable right atrial enlargement
E....Consistent with left atrial enlargement
F.....Significant Q- waves and ST elevations noted in Leads V1,V2 -- probably secondary to LVH {sometimes called a pseudoinfarction pattern) but cannot rule out septal infarction (age unknown)(advise clinical correlation and comparison with old ECG)
G.....Based only on ECG findings, I would administer thrombolytics(if no contraindications) or transfer to an emergency hospital for cardiac cath and possible stenting.
H.....A, C, D, and E only
I.....A, C, E, and F only
J.....D and G only
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