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An intensivist for an ICU has requested your confirmation interpretation before giving thrombolytics to the patient below(his decision was based on ECG changes). The patient is asymptomatic. Your interpretation/advice is: (choose only one)
Tracing of the Week (Tracing #214)
A..... Prolonged QT interval (Hint: corrected QT interval as calculated by Bazett's Equation is QTc = 395 msec).
B..... Diffuse ST elevation concave up (catenary-shaped) most likely reflection of an acute ST elevation MI (STEMI).
C..... Diffuse ST elevation concave up (catenary-shaped) most likely a benign normal variant (early repolarization).
D..... Early Transition. Consistent with a posterior MI(age unknown) but it might be a normal variant or related to lead placement. Should correlate clinically and compare with the old tracing.
E..... Late Transition. Most likely related to the acute STEMI pattern.
F.... B and E only.
G..... A, B and E only.
H..... C,D and I only. Advise to withhold thrombolytics for two reasons--1. The patient is asymptomatic 2. Benign findings on the 12-Lead tracing.
I..... Of note are relatively tall T-waves in the anterolateral inferior leads . This is probably a normal variant but would advise clinical correlation and comparison with old tracing.
J..... A, C and D only.
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