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The hospitalist at a 25 bed general hospital has asked you to interpret the tracing below of a 43 year old with chest pain (mid-chest heaviness, aching with radiation to neck)....(click on the circle preceding the best answer, then click "submit answer")
Tracing of the Week (Tracing #226)
A.....Non-specific ST-T changes
B.....If clinically indicated: Thrombolytics should be administered or patient taken to cardiac cath lab (if no contraindication) in addition to aspirin, NTG, Plavix, beta blocker, heparin
C.....Acute Inferior MI (ST elevation)
D.....Acute Inferior MI (non -ST-elevation)
E.....ST-T changes in Lateral-highlateral leads of reciprocity (V4, V5, V6, I, aVL)
F.....Electrical axis approximately 0 degrees
G.....Electrical axis approximately 90 degrees
H.....B, C, E and G only
I.....B, D, E, and G only
J.....ST plateauing and coving is almost always a normal variant
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