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Course Level: Basic/Introductory.  After repeated requests from students of his 12-Lead ECG Interpretation Course, Dr. Stanley has developed an online Animated Rhythms Course. All 26 rhythm patterns are presented with animation to correlate the electrical path through the heart to the tracing on the rhythm strip. This set includes all the common patterns which you will encounter in your medical practice. The user-friendly format includes an online “bookmark” which allows the student to move through the course at their own pace and convenience. Ideal for preparation for ACLS, board review or re-certification. See a detailed Course Outline.

NEW Upgrade!  Please note as of end of Dec 2020, Adobe Flash is no longer supported.  We will be providing videos as an alternative to the Animated Rhythm Adobe files.  

Animated Tutorial of the Atrial Fibrillation Rhythm Strip – Sample


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Animated Rhythms CourseNotice the color shading of the heart drawing and its corresponding voltage and waveform of the P-QRS-T complex. Dr. Stanley’s goal is to instill in you the fundamental understanding of the source of these waveforms and to avoid rote memory of the rhythms i.e. we want you to be systemic-analytical regarding rhythms interpretation.

All the common ECG rhythms you will encounter in your practice of medicine will be covered. Each rhythm will be studied with the goal of understanding the origin of the pattern and recognizing the bottom-line criteria of each example strip given in the FIELD GUIDE. The order of the rhythm strips has been carefully arranged to strengthen your street-smart view of rhythms. The rhythms have been grouped according to their importance and have been labeled as “absolutely must know” and the less important as “nice to know”.

This online course is presented in 3 Modules of 26 rhythms total. Each rhythm is presented with animations (see sample above) to help the student understand the origins of the tracing. A quiz follows each module. A score of 75% is required to continue to the next module. If necessary the student can review and retest. A fourth module contains the Comprehensive Final Exam.   No new material can be skipped. Upon passing of the final exam the student will download a certificate of completion.

This Animated Rhythms Course is written for the broad audience of:

  • Physicians & Medical Students
  • Midlevel Practitioners & Students
  • Nurses & Nursing Students
  • EMS Personnel
  • Monitor Techs
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Medical Chart Reviewers (including insurance)
  • Paralegal Forensics
  • Nurse Anesthetists & Nurse Anesthetist Students

Homework Exercises and Final Exam

There are 6 Homework Practice Sets consisting of 5 rhythm strips each. These exercises are designed to enhance your knowledge of the material covered to that point. Each Homework Set is presented in a multiple choice matching format (answer choices supplied in the Rhythms Manual) and is immediately graded online.

In preparation for the Final Exam you will next be presented with a comprehensive review set of 50 fill-in-the-blank questions and 75 rhythm strips with matching format answers also immediately graded online.


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Cost of the Course

Cost of the course includes all written materials, access to the online case material, shipping fees and the Continuing Education certificate for 6 hours credit.


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Time Requirement

There is a 120-day time limit on this course from your first online login.


The section on 12-Lead tracings has been included to make the FIELD GUIDE a more complete pocket guide. Please know that this course is not intended to present an explanation of the 12-Lead patterns and the myocardial ischemia/infarction recognition. This material is covered in the online course: 12-Lead ECG Interpretation found at

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Animated Rhythms Course Outline

  1. Normal sinus rhythm
  2. Sinus bradycardia
  3. Sinus tachycardia
  4. First degree AV block
  5. Sinus arrhythmia
  6. SVT
  7. Atrial flutter
  8. Second degree AV block-Mobitz I (Wenckebach)
  9. Second degree AV block-Mobitz II
  10. Third degree AV block (complete heart block)
  11. Atrial fibrillation
  12. Junctional rhythm
  13. Premature beats
  14. Escape beats
  15. Ventricular tachycardia
  16. Ventricular fibrillation
  17. Idioventricular rhythm
  18. Agonal-asystole
  19. QT-interval (prolongation) ..Bazett’s Equation…corrected QT interval QTc
  20. Multiatrial rhythm
  21. Sinus arrest
  22. Sinus exit block
  23. Non-conducted PAC
  24. Electronic dual chamber pacemaker
  25. Briefly touches on the following 12-lead ECG:
    • RBBB
    • LBBB
    • WPW
    • LAFB
    • LVH
    • Electrical axis
    • Myocardial infarction/ischemia
    • Polymorphic ventricular tachycardia…..Torsades de Pointe
  26. Brugada Syndrome

CMEs and CEs

Continuing Education

The Animated Rhythms Course has been accredited for 6 hours of Continuing Education by the following organizations*:

  • CME Category I endorsed by the AMA (Physicians Recognition Award)

    This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the accreditation requirements and policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through the joint providership of Prairie/HSHS, Prairie Education and Research Cooperative and, LLC.  Prairie/HSHS is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians.  Prairie/HSHS designates this educational activity for a maximum of 6 hours AMA PRA Category I Credits™.

  • CE for Nurses endorsed by the WV Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses

    This activity has been approved by the West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses(Provider Number WV2006-0505) for 6 CEs. Because regulations vary with each state nursing board, we recommend that the practitioner check with his/her individual state nursing board to ensure that credit granted upon completion of the course will be honored.

*Please note that for customers requiring credit by reciprocity for any organization not listed above, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to check with their continuing education governing body to ensure that the above course credit is accepted by that governing body. It is advised that this be checked before online registration is completed.

Education Certificates

Upon completion of the Animated Rhythms Course you will be prompted to download and print your certificate of 6 hours continuing education according to your registration as CME Cat I or CE.

Written Materials Supplied with the Animated Rhythms

  1. Field Guide

    The Field Guide contains a summary discussion of all the rhythms covered in this online course. Also contains a Quick Summary Review of the criteria of recognition and a classic example strip of each rhythm. The resized manual features 26 of the most common ECG rhythms you will encounter in your practice of medicine. It contains a brief discussion of each rhythm, example strip, and a Quick Summary Review of its recognition guideline.
    Also contains those most commonly encountered 12-Lead tracing patterns with their criteria of recognition. Contains 142 Pages. *Included in this course or can be purchased for $35 separately through The Book Store.

  2. Rhythms Manual

    This manual contains the rhythms answer choices given for the Practice Homework Tracings SETS #1-6. Each SET contains 5 rhythm strips and are supplied as matching choices for the practice exercises online. Each rhythm strip is carefully chosen and reproduced with minimum artifact, as a classic representative rhythm from Dr. Stanley’s clinical experience.
    **Please note that the Rhythms Manual is not sold separately and can only be obtained as a portion of the written material for this online course.

  3. Stanley’s laminated RHYTHMS RULE

    This laminated RHYTHMS RULE contains a listing and brief description of the common rhythms you will encounter in your practice of medicine. Contains a quick summary review and example strip of all common rhythms you will encounter in your practice of medicine. *Included in this course or can be purchased for $9.00 separately through The Book Store.

Shipping of Materials

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