12-Lead ECG Interpretation for the Medical Practitioner Textbook


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Second Edition, 2013

Author: Vernon R. Stanley, M.D., Ph.D.
Medical illustrations: Theresa B. Stanley.
Published by Salem-Gatewood Press

Note: All page numbers and references remain the same as the first edition.

Text Content

  • 128 text pages with full-color illustrations to aid your understanding of the 12-Lead and the resultant waveforms of the Acute MI, Hypertrophy, LBBB, RBBB, WPW, Early Repolarization and LAFB, just to name a few.
  • 30 pages of Bonus Info including straightforward explanations of Axis Calculation, Hypertrophy, Right Ventricular Infarct, and Left Posterior Fascicular Block. Seventy-seven pages of full, 12-Lead tracings of classic ECG patterns, sample solutions and explanations.

Table of Contents

  • Elecrical System of the Heart
  • Attachment of the Leads
  • Vector Concepts
  • Predicting the waveshape of the Normal 12-Lead ECG
  • Characteristic of the T-wave
  • Characteristic of the ST-segment
  • ECG changes of ischemia
  • ECG changes of injury (the Acute MI)Concept of Reciprocity
  • ECG changes of old infarction
  • Location of the MI
  • Development of Patterns of the following: Aberrant Conduction, Hexaxial System, Concept of Hypertrophy (LVH, RAE, LAE, RVH), Waveshape Distortion Due to LVH, Concept of Sensitivity and Specificity, Hypertrophy Criteria Relating to Age of Patient, Systematic Approach to 12-Lead Analysis (A. Mnemonic with utilization of the acronym HEART to apply to every ECG B. Example tracings interpreted with use of acronym and “STANLEY’s HEART Rule” Revisiting and Review Important truisms)

For further reinforcement, see companion Workbook.

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