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Whether you need rhythm basics or more advanced training in 12-lead ECG interpretation training, we have courses to improve your knowledge base.  From 3 to 30 CME hours, we offer a comfortable range of course options for your training needs and budgeting.


This is a basic to introductory level course that covers 26 of the most common rhythms with video tutorials of each.  This course is a hybrid of textbook and online learning.

Materials Included:
Rhythms Field Guide
Rhythms Manual
Rhythms Ruler

Time Limit: 140 days
Credits: 6 Hrs Cat I CME/CE

This course covers basic to advanced concepts for the 12-lead Interpretation. STEMI/nonSTEMI, LVH, LBBB, RBBB and Normal Variants.  It is one of our best sellers and includes the following below.

Materials Included:
Tracings Manual

Time Limit: 1 year
Credits: 30 Hrs Cat I CME/CE


The 50 Case Study Course is an intermediate to advanced course is an ideal follow up and review of 12-lead.  This course is entirely online.

Materials Included:
No materials (online only)

Time Limit: 1 year
Credits: 13 Hrs Cat I CME/CE


This intermediate to advanced review course is an ideal for follow up after the 12-lead ECG Course or 50 Case Study course on interpreting classic STEMI patterns and conditions that sometimes have a STEMI-like presentation.

Materials Included:
No materials (online only)

Time Limit: 1 year
Credits: 4 Hrs Cat I CME/CE


Designed as a “crash course” in rhythm recognition, the ACLS Prep provides a brief review of Rhythm patterns as you prepare to sit for in class or online Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification or recertification. Please note, this course does not provide ACLS certification.

Materials Included:
No materials (online only)

Time Limit: 120 Days
Credits: 3 Hrs Cat I CME/CE

Our 3 most popular ECG courses bundled together with all materials and shipping included!  Provides:

  • Animated Rhythm Course
  • 12-lead ECG Course
  • 50 Case Study Course

Materials Included:
All materials needed for the Rhythms and 12-lead Plus Free Ship!

Time Limit: 1 year
Credits: 49 Hrs Cat I CME/CE

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