50 ECG Case Study Course

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This 50 Case Studies Course is an overall review of 12-lead ECG and Rhythm interpretation. It contains 50 12-Lead ECG tracings with multiple-choice Q&A and detailed answer explanations as examples of common patterns you will encounter in your practice. Topics include:  STEMI, non-STEMI, hyperacute Ts, early repolarization (benign normal variant),transition zone, R-wave progression, electrical axis, T-wave characteristics, QT-interval, Bundle Branch Blocks, IVCD, WPW, LVH, left and right atrial enlargement, LAFB, Brugada Syndrome——- as well as common rhythm abnormalities.  Each tracing is carefully reproduced as a duplicate of the clinical tracing (including artifact). Certain leads have been labeled and selectively magnified to emphasize the salient feature of that particular tracing.

This 50 Case Study Course can stand alone or work as a complement to the online 12-Lead ECG Interpretation Course, ideally taken after completion of the 12-lead Course. The 50 Case Studies will serve as a review and enhancement of the material covered in the 12-Lead Course.  If you would like to register for the 12-lead ECG Course Click Here.

Other recommended, but not required, reading material would include the 12-lead Textbook & 12-lead Workbook combo.  Click here for more info.

My goal in this course is to establish in you a systematic-analytical approach to ECG interpretation. I will introduce the mnemonic H*E*A*R*T  to be applied to each 12-Lead.  This acronym will assure that you leave no stone unturned.   As you analyze the tracing, each letter of the HEART will serve as a prompter to remind you to examine a particular feature of the tracing.

To begin this course, please click on “Case Study 1”.  The course is designed to not allow you to skip to the next lesson without completing each case study and quiz.

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