B Marshall, Paramedic Student (WV)

“This is by far one of the best courses I have used throughout my paramedic schooling. It is very detailed and great visual studies…”

R Taylor, EMT-P, Program Developer (Pierpont Community and Technical College, WV)

“I’m an ole’Army guy with numerous years of experience teaching overseas and believe that anything can be broken down to the most simple terms…you have done just that with your course. Thank you for your effort to make medicine simple…. I’m working on the development of an online EMT-I to Paramedic bridge course and will use your Animated Rhythms course for part of the cardiology section.”

M Lokale (Student VCOM, Blacksburg, VA)

“A very well crafted, precise and complete tool for learning EKG that fully addresses the needs of the student…a great course.”

J Messinger, PA-S ( Philadelphia U)

” I found this online course truly helpful…the animations showing the electrical and mechanical activity side-by-side with the rhythm strip was key to this greater understanding…being a visual learner,this was an excellent learning tool!”

H Blackledge (Student; VCOM) Blacksburg, VA

“The tutorial presented is very well organized and the animations really help drive home the electrical interactions as they pertain to the actual strip.   …The course is user friendly and was a big help.”

H Gaecke, Monitor Tech (MI)

“The course is very easy to navigate and the tutorials are excellent. I would recommend the course to anyone who is interested in ECG interpretation… or for required learning.”

Dr. P. M. Paparello (UK)

Well organized and flexible, it has been a fresh and fast review. I will look forward to…the Tracing of the Week and all…further activities that Dr. Stanley …[has to] share with us online. Thanks very much, Dr. Stanley…”


C Curtis, MD

Absolutely the best presentation of cardiac rhythms I have seen. The animated portion of the rhythms beautifully ties what is occuring in the heart to the ECG tracing. The course was comprehensive and clinically relevant. Bravo Dr. Stanley!”

N Moeller,Telemetry Monitor (NYC, NY)

“I have been thinking about contacting you for a while to tell you how much I enjoyed your Online Rhythm Course. After taking your course I was able to get a new job as a telemetry monitor with a nice pay increase.”

Dr. K Gonzalez (NV)

“Excellent and practical!” I highly recommend this course to any health care provider.”

J Tuttle, RN

“Thank you so much for all of your help; all of my staff feel that this is an excellent course to both learn and refresh.”

C Martin, Monitor Tech

“The experience of this ECG course is wonderful! I have gained so much knowledge on rhythm recognition. I strongly recommend this online course to be used as an annual refresher course for all monitor techs in my department.”

M. A. Field (UK)

“I have tried many books on ECG recognition, but by far this has been the best learning tool I have come across. The virtual rhythms and explanation on each rhythm made it so much more simple to understand. Many thanks.”

D Roberts, MD

Wonderful course. Helps organize sequence of analysis. Enough examples to cover the basics well. Thank you for taking the time to create this great course on line.”

S Boehmer, DO Student

“I thought the course was great and after completing it I felt that my understanding of ECGs was A LOT more than when I began. My confidence in interpreting them has also been boosted.”