L.A. Nash, PA-S

“It was great to be able to go through at  my own pace. I also liked that you could go back and review each Module at any time instead of just going through a Module only once.”

T. L. Hoffman, DO

“This course was helpful, reminded me of things I thought I knew before but explained it so I can understand better. I have recently been asked to read EKGs for our hospital and this was a good jump start.”

S Jones, NP

“I definitely improved my EKG interpretation abilities especially in the are of blocks and axis and of course refined my skills on Acute MI recognition….I plan to continue to build upon what I learned in this course.”

J. Nicholson, Nuclear Medicine Technologist

“The course was very informative and ……the exam was very fair considering all the material covered….Dr. Stanley actually called me at home to answer my questions! A very personal touch.”

L Tang, DO Student

” I learned EKG the first time in our cardio block but it went by so fast I had no idea what happened…….using this online course took a lot of time but the manuals, summaries, and illustrations really helped break it down. With some more practice on my own I feel confident that I can interpret an EKG in 12-Leads now.”

N Reeves II, RN

“This course was an excellent refresher on 12-Lead ECG as well as providing new information. I now feel very confident providing this information to students. Well worth the money !!!!”

E. Hamilton, MD

“The presentation of material is very focused and easy to understand……..I really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to other people who would like to quickly enhance their understanding of EKGs .”

C J Marshall, CRNA

“Great course to help compensate for a lack of 12-Lead training in my CRNA program.”

C. Curtis, MD

“The course was comprehensive and detailed but not esoteric. It took on many of the difficulties encountered regularly in the interpretation of the 12- Lead ECG. For example, it tackled the many faces of the LBBB and the LVH pattern which causes tremendous confusion for the medical students  and seasoned attendees alike. “

M Rana, PA-S

“…..Excellent course ridiculously made simple for dummies. I have enjoyed it more than any subject. You should name it “EKG Course Made Ridiculously Simple for Dummies”.”

A Grier, RN

” ……. The course was amazing. I never thought I would be able to understand axis deviation and now I do. I work in a CCU and this information is invaluable to my practice! Thank you so much for putting this course together!                                        “

S. Melancon, Clerical Coordinator, Telemetry Tech

12-lead ECG: I have been so pleased from the very start.  Registering for the class was easy.  Your staff has been very helpful with assisting me every time I had to call or email with a questions.  Response time was extremely quick.  I have been very, very happy about my entire experience in taking your course.  I have recommended other coworkers to your class site too.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


C. Lafferty, PA-S

12-lead ECG: Very helpful information for a very difficult subject.”


J. Zelk, Student

12-lead ECG: Fantastic course work.  Looking through the school listing of institutions using this curriculum was impressive.  It appears schools of nursing should follow the physician assistant programs and add this course as a core to advanced practice curriculum.”


L. Lesher, NP

12-lead ECG: This CME was very information and detailed!  Great learning venue being online.  Final exam definitely thought-provoking, but well worth the 30 credit hours for the price.  Thanks for the intensive program.”