D. Roberts, MD

12-lead ECG: Fantastic course!  Solidified known information and taught a novel approach to help not forget each element of the ECG.  Thanks for putting the course together.”


T Vasko, Student

12-lead ECG: This course was a great way for me to quickly obtain my certification to qualify for jobs in the medical field…a big help!”


M. Barton, MD

12-lead ECG:  An extremely useful and fun course.  I enjoyed the format greatly and it has helped put to rest several problems that I have had with ECG interpretation over the years.”


J. Pavelonis, RN

12-lead ECG:  [I] work as a stress test RN and this course was excellent, and I definitely got a lot out of it that I needed.  I was rushed out of orientation, and now I realize how much I didn’t know.  Our MD’s are not present at the tests so it is very important for me to know what I am seeing on the EKG tracings.  I now feel more confident in my job.”


D. Yusko, PA-S

12-lead ECG:  This course was excellent, very easy to use and learn from and also very rewarding.”


S. Bute-Parker, NP

12-lead ECG: I would recommend [this course] to anyone who is ECG ignorant or those who need to enhance their ECG skills.”


E. Anderson, NP

This course was excellent!  Working in a small, rural clinic I must independently review EKGs without physician review.  I feel much more confident in my ability to accurately review and interpret EKGs after completing this course which will ultimately improve patient care.”


L. Baker, Senior Surgical Support Tech OR

12-lead ECG:  This course is simply outstanding.  I’ve already recommended others to take this course.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to a part of such an amazing course.”


Theresa M, RN

12-lead ECG: Excellent information.  Great knowledge will be put to great use!”


William R, MD

12-lead ECG:  I really enjoyed the course.  Fantastic experience.”

Benita, L

12-lead ECG: This was an intense course for self study, however I did well.  I will utilize the information everyday in practice.  I feel I usually do better in a classroom setting, but this I could go at my own pace and review things I was not sure of.”


K. Metcalf, DO

Most refreshing.  I wish I had this course in medical school.”



A. Reed, RN

Animated Rhythms Course: This course presents information in a way that is both educational and easily relatable to real life practice.  I would not hesitate to recommend this course to colleagues.

C. Cerchiara, Echocardiography

12-lead ECG Course:  This is a great course!  I would recommend it to anyone wanting to gain a more in-depth knowledge about interpreting the EKG.  Definitely high marks!


C. Reeves, Cardiac Sonographer, CNA

12-lead ECG Course:  The course provided an enormous amount of information.  I think pre-recorded videos with an instructor explaining each module would be a tremendous addition to the course.