F. Hall

Animated Rhythm Course:  Very useful refresher course for EKG interpretation…”

D. Swanson, MD

12-lead ECG Course:  Update needed on utility of the lead avR and Sgarbossa Criteria for detecting primary ST-T abnormalities with LBBB.  Essential for EM care. Overall [course] was great…really enjoyed it [&] learned a lot.”


F. Landers, Paramedic

I thought this was one of the most beneficial 12 lead classes I have ever taken and it helped me significantly in the field.”

C. A. Castro, PA-C

12-lead ECG Course: I am a PA in cardiology and the course was wonderful. It cleared up a lot of questions I had about ST segment/T-wave abnormalities in the setting of RBBB, LBBB, LAFB, and LVH… Thank you.”

J. Cottrill, RN

Excellent! Recommend for all nurses and practitioners!”

J. O’Kelly, PA-S

Excellent course with superb graphics… truly brings rhythms alive and FINALLY gives students the explanations they need and deserve!”

C. Conard, DO Student

Animated Rhythms Course: Through taking ACLS and now being an [ACLS] instructor… the biggest [problem] I notice is students just not knowing their rhythms before the start of the class. It doesn’t matter how much pharmacology you know… If you can’t recognize your rhythm, you aren’t going to know which algorithm to start… The online animations are superb at showing the physiology behind each rhythm in a step-wise fashion.”